Who knew something so cute and small could be such a huge and important part of our lives?! The love and adventure that a Bengal brings to a home is hard to communicate! They are so different from the average lap kitty. With constant energy and athleticism, these beautiful creatures daily enrich our lives with entertainment, adventure and most of all they become our family

The Bengal is admired for its beautiful and royally silky coat and their very outgoing, playful personalities. However these cats aren't for any typical owners. Bengals are sharp-witted and sly animals that crave attention in addition to always exploring. A Bengal is a handful, but you can rest assured that life with one will never be dull.

Health and Lifespan: 

Bengals are generally very healthy cats if you have bought from a reputable and registered breeder. Usually Bengal cats lifespan is around 14 – 16 years just as much as regular cats.