Commonly Asked questions

What kind of food do the kittens eat before they come home with us?

We use the brand “Royal Canin” for Kittens for the dry food and we make a mixture of chicken,canned food and vitamins (see recipe below)

Chicken Recipe

Chicken breast cut into pieces and cooked (we usually buy in bulk at Costco)

Blend the chicken and some of the broth you had the chicken cooking in, in a blender.

Per about 3 cups of chicken add in a can of Chicken lovers Friskies canned cat food, add a tablespoon of vitamin powder on top, and mix together.


What kind of kitty litter have the kittens been using?

We use and highly recommend “Scoop Away” which we purchase from Costco, we have found that it is the least messy and when they go, it just clumps up in the container and is easily scooped out later, making for an easy cleanup and contains the smells. We have also found that it is our cat’s favorite as well.

Will the kittens be potty trained?

Yes, we only sell the kittens when we see that they are ready. By ready, we mean they are independently eating, playing, have been checked and vaccinated by a veterinarian, and going potty only in their litter box. See the next section to make sure they STAY potty trained.

How do we make sure they know where to go potty when they come home with us?

We highly recommend that when you bring your kitten home that you keep him/her primarily in one room, where they will regularly have their food, water and litter box for at least a few days so that they know where to go when they need to “go“. Then slowly, when you see they are ready, let them explore more and more parts of your home.

How do the contracts and deposits work?

If purchasing a kitten before its ready to leave, both the customer and we sign a deposit contract saying that you paid the deposit amount and that we have reserved the kitten for you, if you change your mind you do not get the deposit amount back. The deposit amount is typically around $500 for a pet, and just like all deposits that will come out of the total price, (so your not paying any more than someone who comes and purchases a ready kitten.)

When you purchase a ready kitten or your kitten becomes ready, both parties also sign and agree to a final contract, you can read what will be in both contracts below.

What do we need to do when Buying a kitten as a pet?

Buying a kitten as a pet (and this is also stated and agreed upon in the contract) means that around 6 months of age you will have your kittens Neutered or Spayed. The buyer pays for all of the procedures and must send the contact information and confirmation papers of the procedure to us (KiyaBengals) to receive the pedigree and registration papers of the kittens. (You can ask to see the papers when you buy the kitten, but to ensure that you aren’t using the kittens for breeding without purchasing them as a breeder we dont give you their paperwork until they are neutered/spayed.)

What do we need to do when buying as a breeder?

When buying as a breeder you don’t need to spay/neuter the kittens, and will receive all necessary documents stating the pedigree and registration of the kittens at the time of purchase.

Micro chipping

We do not microchip our kittens that are for sale. That is a decision that we leave up to the new family that purchases that kitten.


Upon coming home the kittens will have all their available and necessary vaccines done and you will receive papers to give to your veterinarian on your next visit with them. If at the time of purchase their are unfinished vaccines we will let you know in advance. For example there is a certain vaccine that need to be administered 3 times with 2 weeks in between each vaccine. So we just let you know about that and give you the paperwork so your veterinarian can finish the set.

Can Bengals go outside?

We do NOT recommend that you freely let them roam outside unless you have a leash on them or you are very comfortable and know they wont make a run for it. Even then we don’t recommend that you leave them outside by themselves. We recommend this not only because they are a beautiful and highly valued (which means more likely to get stolen) breed of a cat, but also because Bengals originate from wild cats and when presented with the opportunity may try to give into their instincts and run into the wild, not to mention how fast they are and how easily they climb and high they jump.

At what age can the kittens be purchased?

You can reserve a kitten even before it is born and sign a contract with us and pay the deposit to hold the kitten for you. Most research states that kittens can be sold at age 8-12 weeks and that is usually the case, but it depends a lot on each individual kitten, we don’t sell them until they are ready; meaning they are independently eating, playing, using the litter box and have been fully examined and all necessary vaccines for their age have been done.

What do the kittens come with?

At the time of purchase you can expect to go home with a small container of the food we feed the kittens, you may also request some litter, the certificate of health and previous vaccines from their veterinarian, and of course your new best friend and family member: your new kitten.

Can the kittens be purchased out of state?

Yes, the way that works is; all contracts and payments need to be made before we book a flight for the kitten. The buyer pays for the flight, in my experience the total amount for all the shipping costs (cat carrier, flight,other) usually ends up being around $350(although this depends on how far, what day and many other things, although we always look for the best deal for you). We will give you the airlines contact information and your kittens confirmation and tracking number and the time/date and location that your kitty will arrive.

Can we meet the kittens in advance?

Yes! If you live locally you can come and meet the kitten you wish to purchase at a date and time that works for both of us. If you don’t live locally we can arrange either a Facetime (if you have an Iphone) or a Skype video call. We want you to feel comfortable and assured with us, you may also call us to ask any other questions or if you have any concerns at the number on our contact us page.