Male SBT

Blue Rosette (sold)

Born: April 8th, 2018

Price: 1,250 (Pet) 2,250 (Breeding)


Male SBT

Brown Rosette

Born: April 8th, 2018

Price: 1,000 (Pet) 2,000 (Breeding)


Female SBT

Brown Rosette

Born: April 8th, 2018

Price: 2,000 (Pet) 3,000 (Breeding)


Male SBT Silver

Rosette (SOLD)

Born: April 8th, 2018

Price: 2,000 (Pet) 3,000 (Breeding)



F2 Kitten of mika and Leo

Blue cat 2.jpg



  Blue Bengal male F2


Exotic, strong and wild and socialized as a kitten. We originally planned to keep this beautiful kitty, but due to not having enough room for him we must share him with a new home and family.

Pet Price:2,000


       New litter Of kittens 2018



Orange- Female


This STUNNING little girl is out of Snickers & Leo and is available as a pet or a breeder. She is the most playful and energetic out of the litter!


Silver- Male (SOLD)

This playful little boy is out of Snickers & Leo and is available as a pet or a breeder.


Pomegranate- Male


The rosettes on this boy are beautiful. He comes out of Snickers and Leo and is available as a pet or a breeder.


Apple- Male (SOLD)

This sweet boy is also out of Snickers and Leo and is available as a pet or a breeders.

All of our kittens have been examined, vaccinated, and tested negative for feline leukemia test.

Reviews from our Previous Kittens New homes:

I got Tao, an F5 Bengal. She is very cute. The transaction was very smooth, and Tao is very healthy. The help that was given by the breeder is very helpful, and they are super caring. ~Yanjinning
When we finally decided to get a Bengal cat we wanted to find somebody that was local in the Portland area. We found several but fortunately for us we decided on Kiya Bengals from Happy Valley. We spoke several times on the phone and were pleased at how friendly and knowledgeable they were. We set up a date and time that was convenient for both of us to meet the kittens..
Our first visit to their home was very welcoming... they introduced us to several Bengal kittens.. both male and females that were four months old...The kittens were just beautiful! Alina and her mother seemed very knowledgeable about the Bengal breed and answered most our questions. We were pleased that they did not pressure us in any way.. I’m sure they wanted to make sure that we were a good fit and that the kittens were going to a good home.
After meeting the kittens we wanted a little more time to think about it before we committed to purchasing a kitten. Alina and her mother were totally understanding and allowed us some time to think about it.... We went back after a week for a second visit and again Alina and her mother were so pleasant and friendly and allowed us to spend some time alone with just the kitten we decided on before making our decision. The kittens were so beautiful that we decided to not only get one... but two!! We have had the two boy kittens (Danger and Diesel) for two months now and just love them! At six months we got them both neutered and they are both still just awesome cats. Of course they are not your normal domestic cat but they are very loving and just can’t get enough play time. They LOVE attention and will follow you everywhere you go. And NO ankle biting... just very very curious... At night time they love to snuggle on the couch and relax on our laps. If your contemplating getting a Bengal cat I would definitely recommended Kiya Bengals. ~TJ and Tammi